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27 June 2003 ... the Weekly Recap

Well, for starters, I've still got this nuisance cold with the sniffly nose and the death defying headache. Yes, all week. It's crazy and I am terribly annoyed.


On Monday, I was cutting stuff out and my scissors broke. Just suddenly stopped cutting. I look down at my poor scissors, now in two peices, put them back together, and they break again. Crud. That is my favorite pair.


On Tuesday, my work partner who has a lingering ear infection, walked outside, fell, and rolled into a cactus. Oh No! She got spines in her back, butt and thigh. She went home with a borrowed pair of shorts and spent hours in the bathroom with sandpaper getting all the spines out. I feel so bad for her.

I'm not exactly sure what happened on Wednesday, since I didn't write anything in my notebook. I do remember the headache, tho. bah, I say!

Happy birdy!

Thursday was exciting. Came home to find a bird had finally found our bird feeder! Yay! It was a house finch with lovely red feathers.

And Friday afternoon, the birdfeeder was almost half empty! The finch brought his friends and boy are they Pigs! ha.

Work has been super busy all week long. I am working on several large orders of signs with zero leeway on the schedule. So I have to work smart. I have to be working on several things at once, and thinking ahead to what I'm doing next.

I'm happy that I'm so busy, but it's really hard to wind down when I'm done at work. I just can't seem to relax and my brain is just spinning, "What's next?! What's next?!"

Thank goodness for weekends, huh?

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