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20 June 2003 ... grumpy

I've not been feeling well, this week. I've this Excedrin-defying headache. It is also Tylenol-defying and of course Aspirin-defying. It may also be death-defying, but don't worry, I haven't killed anyone yet.

Now my sinus cavities are leaking stuff. I hate that.

So this is a "I am annoyed" type entry.

This, reported at the Animal News Center: Sheep That Donít Have Wool Being Bred.

My, aren't we brilliant at selective breeding? We'll just ignore that little fact that we've had "sheep" without wool for thousands of years and we've been calling them goats.

Oh, and also: Rainbow Trout Shown to Feel Pain.

I am of two minds about this. One the one side is, "What, are you stupid?!" Yes, fish feel pain, as if you didn't know what nerves are for! gah.

and then on the other side, I'm thinking that this is a very important scientific study. Because certain stupid people actually think our finned friends don't feel pain. Well. Here are the facts.

And I have been considering the posts over at the Suite101 Pets and Animals Center. More stupid people. I don't know why I bother visiting anymore.

Standard Post: "I'm looking to buy x breed of dog."
Standard reply: "Visit your local animal shelters. Aproximately 25% of the dogs there are purebred."

Standard Post: "My animal is sick. What do I do?"
Standard Reply: "Well. Aren't we stupid. Do you know what a vet is? A vet is a doctor for animals. When your animals aren't feeling well, you Take Them To The VET."

Standard Post: "I think my animals should have lots of babies!"
Standard Reply: " ... *Much cursing* You stupid human. Get your critters neutered before I go on a rampage... FAH"

Yeah. Okay. I don't really use those replies. But lately, I've been considering some stong language on these morons.

Great. Now I'm totally riled up about the neutering thing.
*deep breathings*

um. Now I'm just tired. And I've forgotten what all else that makes me grumpy. So, maybe I'll just shut it down for the evening and sleep...


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