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22 March 2003 ... Becoming One With Order

Back at the end of January, the pile of chaos next to my bed looked like this:

January 2003, by the bed

And then, the pile of chaos spread like a virus:

March 2003, by the bed

And today, SO and I went and got bookshelves! And I cleared out my space. And I put the shelves together. And I moved the shelves into the space. And then I started putting books on my new shelves!!

Oh, the tidiness! (with Pepe looking on)

It is true that I am going to need several more bookshelves, if I ever want to display all my books... I've still got four book boxes full here in the apartment, and gods know how many boxes of books left in my parents basement! At that point, I will also need a larger apartment to house all my bookshelves full of books, along will all the rest of my junk.

But, I am so happy with this first venture into neatness. I keep looking over at my books and thinking, in the words of SO, "Mine! Mine! Mine!" It is so delightful to have all my most recent acquisitions in plain sight.

Next home-type projects:

  • Guinea Pig home. Half the parts are bought.
  • More drawers for paper and fabrics.
  • Go through closet junk to see what can be tossed.
  • a rack and a place for my CDs.
  • My Special Chair.
  • hm.

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