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15 March 2003 ... Ides

After dealing with an on- and off- head cold all week, I think I'm finally able to start being alive again.

I don't read when I'm sick. I haven't read anything in a week, so now I have to play catch-up. Especially since I have more books on the way.

Current books:

  • Currently Unread: A Brief History of Time.
    Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.
    Read the intros for these books, then decided these books aren't quite ready for me. (or the other way around, perhaps, eh?)

  • Drawing the Line: Science and the Case for Animal Rights
    Okay, I started this book a while ago, and then I just stopped reading it. No reason, other than maybe it's not as user friendly as the other AR book I read, Introduction to Animal Rights: Your Child or the Dog. hm.

  • the Lore of the Unicorn. I've only read the intro of this book, but the writing is beautiful and I look forward to delving into it.

  • Anthology of Best-Loved Poems. With drawings even! I shall soon be Poetry Girl.

  • I finished The New Diary a while ago, but stuck my bookmark in a chapter I want to re-read. Chapter 7, Discovering Joy.

  • And in an effort to be thorough, I started reading the last of the unread, the O'Reilly book, Dynamic HTML. It's about 1400 pages long, small print on big pages, trust me, it's painful to my wrists and hands to even heft this book! And you people are intimidated by a huge techy book? you wimps. I am now on um page 3. :)

Did I ever tell you my story about the laundry room door? Well, now there's another chapter, so I suppose I should start at the beginning.

Chapter One

We don't have a clothes washing machine or dryer in the apartment, so I use the apartment complex laundry room which is across the parking lot. Not too long ago they put bars on the (broken out) windows and the door is bars as well.

A little while ago, they decided to put locks on the laundry room doors. I've drug my bag of laundry all the way across the parking lot, only to discover I can't get in the little room. Arg. Cursing, turn around, go home, get key. Hey, it actually works!

I put my clothes in the washing machine and feed it quarters. I turn to go, and see the the door has shut behind me. It's locked and it's one of those door locks which has a keyhole on both sides. No big deal, right? just stick the key in, and let myself out, right?

Oh, except my key is not working from the inside. I jiggle the key in the lock, but all I'm thinking is, Jeez, I'm jailed in the laundry room and they won't find me until I'm a shriveled up piece of lint!

Yes, I did eventually escape my prison. But I'm emotionally scarred for life, I think.

Chapter Two

So, last night, I feel the need to do my laundry. It's true, I have no clean underwear.

I walk over with a load. The laundry room door is propped open, which annoys me, because those bars and locks are there for a reason, after all. So, I dump my clothes in a machine, and as I leave, I pull the door closed after me.

uh huh. When I go back to retrieve my clothes, I discover the door was propped for a reason. The door frame is messed up. I push on the door but it only opens about six inches (15cm). I push Hard! I lift, I twist, to no avail. I wonder if I can slide through that opening? Well, I am skinny, but not that skinny! And then I probably wouldn't be able to get out again. But my Clothes?!

Damn. I had to leave them. Even tho I was pretty sure they would get stolen if anyone did get into the room. Bah. I prepared myself for a shopping trip to buy underwear and jeans.

Happy ending. The next morning they fixed the door, and the only thing they stole was my little box of detergent!

The end. For now. I'm thinking there will be further chapters, in the future, though.

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