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8 February 2003 ... art Thoughts

I just spent the day doing stuff for my drawing class. In the morning, I downloaded the second lessons. Early afternoon, I printed them up. Then I worked on lesson one homework for a while. Evening, I made scans and composed long posts for discussion.

And now I'm tired!

And I'm wondering where I'm going to dig up the time for my other creative endeavors.

So, instead of actually working on my little projects, I shall write a brief note here, then wave my magic wand and they will suddenly, oh-so-magically be ... *drum roll* *big voice* ALL DONE!

  • an ABC Inspiration book. ooh, sounds intriguing, doesn't it? :)
  • Must make Mom some Stationary!
  • Stuffed Animals! Just sew something, huh?
  • Book Shelves. I may have mentioned this before.
  • new Web Design, which has been half finished for months.
  • TPG wants a book.
  • how many years have I been wanting to update my Library site?
  • Some plants need transplanting.

Waving magic wand. Waving. Waving.

Don't worry, it'll work eventually. It just needs some time to warm up.

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