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2 February 2003 ... Sew??

Yep, SO got me _two_ sewing machines as a belated Christmas present.

And now I have visions of making my own stuffed animals. :D

I've gone through Amazon, and found a book I'm interested in: Sewing Tiny Toys. Almost 100% of the books on sewing stuffies are about teddy bears, and to that I say: "how Boring!" The Tiny Toys book has all kinds of critters, so I'll be ordering that one on my next Amazon run.

But then I think, "How hard can it be?" I can look at the stuffies I already have and figure it all out, right? I'm a smart girl.

But first I have to figure out how to make the sewing machine um go/work/do something. I've never used a sewing machine, after all. When I was a kid, I saw my mom working her's a few times. Then again, I saw my mom cook all the time and what good did that do me?! heh.

And in other crafty and creative news, I've just signed up for a drawing class at SuiteU which starts tomorrow. I could probably use a few tips on drawing, but mostly I'm taking the class because I want to draw more often. I've paid 20$ to take this class, so hopefully that will motivate me to take it seriously. Not just read the lessons, but to actually do something with them.

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