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17 January 2003 ... the Sick

Yeah, I've been sick, pretty much all week...

  • Monday was just a headache that wouldn't go away.
  • Tuesday was a sore throat and the on-going headache.
  • Wednesday was just blah. And then I started sniffling.
  • I died on Thursday evening. Well. I wish I did.
  • Today is Friday. Instead of possibly dying (again) at work, I'm home.

And I'm not exactly sure what to do with myself.

I am sick, after all, and very tired/blah. But I can't sleep. My headache is continuous and impervious to all pain pills. And then I have to cough, which doesn't help anything, especially the sleep thing. But I feel so yucky, that all I want to do is rest. oh the conundrum.

So. Here I am, typing and surfing. All these browsing windows open are good for the low attention span I've got going.

  • Bookworm An addicting little word game for you.

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