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11 January 2003 ... A Journal About Me

I was thinking the other day about the stuff I write, both in my notebook and here on my online journal.

In my private notebook, I think I make many, many assumptions. I don't write about the BIG issues there. Since I am the only person who will read those pages, I don't need to write about my belief structure there. (a mistake, probably, since beliefs are forever changing, subtly.)

Here at S8, I don't make so many assumptions. I've got strangers reading me, they don't know a thing about me and so I'm a little more aware of the things I need to make known. But, perhaps, I need to make it a little more obvious as to what I'm all about.

And so, a list of my passions.

  • I am an Animal Lover. I am animal rights. I am vegetarian with vegan leanings.

  • I am a Book Worm. So many books, and only one life-time to read them all.

  • I am a wanna-be artist. There are drawings, rarely. Mostly I just type about wanting to draw more often. heh.

  • I especially like guinea pigs, horses, unicorns and sea horses.

  • I like to complain about stupid people.

  • I have a thing about copyright.

  • I love my computers.

  • I have multiple notebooks and journals. Sometimes that makes me feel weird. Fortunately there's Purple_Ink, and they make me feel creative!

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