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22 November 2002 ... Hot Tang

Work is a den of sickness. The other week, the guy in paint was out with strep throat. Ha, I say, I was not exposed to your germs!

Last week and the week before, I was hanging out in final assembly. They were all sick and sniffling and generally miserable. I say: Cheri The Vegetarian shall never become ill! At this time, too, my supervisor could not talk because his throat was all messed up. ha.

And this week, I've been stuck in my small room with my work partner, L, who is suffering horribly from a sinus thing. She is Vicks Vaporub Woman. My immune system is kicking butt!

And I come home, and Mr. SO is coughing and sniffing more than usual.

I am totally surrounded by sick people.

Yeah, okay, today my head hurts and my throat feels funny. Even a vegetarian's immune system can only handle so many germs. I'm not "officially" sick, yet, but I've got the Tang out and I'm drinking out of my horsey mug just in case.

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And speaking of orange-like substances. The grocery store ran out of oranges, so the guinea piggies have been getting tangerines this week instead. I've saved a few tangerine seeds and I think I'm going to plant them.

Sure, I did kill my first tangerine tree. I thought it would be happier outside on the porch. And then I forgot to water it a couple days in a row. Which you just can't do, here in the desert. Poor thing.

I promise, I will be more responsible with the baby tangerine trees. I hope they grow...

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