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18 November 2002 ... hm.

Please visit Adric's Rainbow Bridge page. He died two years ago today.

I still think about him all the time, and I know he's thinking about me as well.

Sonya would say something like, "He's very happy in the spirit world. He visits you all the time, da'ling..."

Yesterday, I spent all day thinking and writing about my poem that got stolen. And then I sketched that tiny little unicorn drawing and posted it at the end of yesterday's entry.

And today, I've been thinking about that: I'm exposing my work, as small as it was, to the threat of being stolen. People like to steal images of unicorns, you know. There are probably hundreds of pages on the web which display "collections" of unicorn images. They are all illegal.

And now it's open season on my little unicorn graphic. I dread the day when I see it in one of those collections. :( humph!

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