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24 August 2002 ... Crafty

Yay me! I am being crafty today, filling up the little book I typed about last time.

I've decided to call the book my Doodle Display. I taped in all my little black paper gel pen doodles. And then I printed all the worthy doodles I made with my graphics tablet and taped them in as well.

The blue alien in my bound book!

I really like paging through my book!

Problem #1. I thought there was enough space between signatures that I could tape loads of stuff in. I've filled only four of the eleven signatures and already the book is starting to bulge.

So, I'll have to draw stuff directly into the book. Which means I'll have to keep the crappy boring doodles that inevitably emerge. hm. Unless I just tape good drawings over the yucky ones. Or I could exacto knife pages out, that would help with the bulge problem as well.

Problem #2. All of my doodles are from year 2001. I haven't drawn much of anything this year. And you know what else? I haven't done a "real" site design since last year, either.


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