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17 August 2002 ... Book Making project

Bound Book #1, I made this

Yay, me. That's the inside cover of my very first book!

I cut the paper, I sewed the signatures and then I sewed fabric around the cardboard covers. Isn't it great! I can't wait to make another one!

The specs:

  • 66 sheets of 24 pound white paper. Pages are 4.25 inches long by 3.5 inches tall.

  • Instead of following instructions to glue the cardboard cover (glue is bad, but that's another story), I sewed in the cardboard covers exactly like the paper signatures. Seems to work, so I consider myself brilliant of course.

  • Cool, shooting star printed fabric is sewn on with string. I used a hammer and nail to make the inital holes through the doubled up cardboard. I've not done much sewing in my life, so I'm pleasantly surprised that it looks half decent.

  • SO said it would make a great dream journal!

Inspiration and instructions came from the Purple Ink website: Daydreaming on Paper: Make Your Own Journal.

And now I want to make a book with green paper. I'll make a purple one for SO. And I'll make one with pages that have art printed in the borders, or maybe with quotes at the top of all the pages. And I want to color my own paper with watercolors.

I want to make lots of books!

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