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31 March 2002 ... Sunday Morning Ritual

The guinea pigs wake me up when it's still dark, but I ignore them and try to get back to sleep. I only doze, but it's still pleasant to sleep in. The next time I open my eyes, I'm looking up out the window blinds and see a sparrow perched precariously on the near vertical wall outside, chirp-chirping away. When it flies away I sit up. It's 8:25 and I twist open the blinds before I climb out of bed.

I go straight to the guinea pigs' home. I scoop up Tess, and she climbs into my arm. She makes little happy noises as she's petted. I lower her back into her home and she jumps down. When I try to scoop up Tegan, she squirms. And she squirms some more when I try to pet her on my arm. So I lower her down and after making a try for the floor, she is content to lie down in my lap while I pet her. When I put her back, she calmly walks out of my hand.

I check their water, and they've got some food. I pick up their new chew toy, a rolled up magazine secured with a rubber band. They love munching on this thing, and I'm surprised the rubber band is still surviving. heh.

Next is the living room, where I twist open the blinds then push them out of the way. I kneel down to spend some time with my plants. The umbrella plant has two baby leaves and a nub of one more coming up. One of these days I'll have to prune the top off so as to get some branches. The spider plants are absolutely taking over... I obtained them in October, since then they've sprouted runners, then started blooming, small delightful white/ yellow flowers. And now they've got little green seed packets. One runner is only millimeters from taking root in the umbrella plant pot. And one of my aloe vera has a new baby, poking up through the dirt.

I open the kitchen blinds, then pad back to the bedrooms. Look in on SO, to make sure he's still alive, I suppose. :) Then bathroom, pee, pull my hair back in a pony tail, brush my teeth and wash my face. It's 8:50 when I emerge and I go straight to my computer. Switch on, log on and start surfing and writing this. Eventually, I'll get a cup of fake Folgers, their caramel flavor is my new favorite.

By the way. Happy Easter.

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