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23 March 2002 ... Another Boring Update

You know what I hate. I hate it when people abandon their web site. They spend all this money and all this time and energy, putting together a half interesting site. And then they never come back.

Kind of like here, huh?

So. I am going to try to do a little bit better about upkeep around here. I know. I've said that before. But this time, I am actually doing some work... Last weekend I started cleaning out some of the dead links I have on my site. You may run into a few of them, I usually make a note of the changes: Note: Site has gone down.

Car Accident stuff... I am not quite pain free, yet. The left side of my back still aches when I work too hard, and my upper back gives me twinges occasionally if I move wrong. And I've got a numb spot on the side of my forehead where I got my concussion. It doesn't bother me and I suppose the nerves will grow back eventually. My breast bone still won't let me sleep on my right side.

And the new car is still feeling like a boat to me. I don't think I will ever get used to the Red, either. People say that other drivers will see me easier... uh huh, they see me, and then they do their stupid things anyway. Whatever.

And, of course, the debts pile up. shrug.

I am still reading the same three books... Little Women, The Witching Hour and the Tara K. Harper book. I'm still thinking about updating my poor, neglected Books section here. I've got the basics of a design, sitting in my head. I may or may not work on it.

And I'm still listening to Rhythm of the Pride Lands. I really love that tape. Also, I'm hooked on the Michelle Branch album, Spirit Room.

When we went to see Ice Age, the previews were excellent... of course, Attack of the Clones looked um action packed... didn't get much of a feel for the story from that preview. And then Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron got my attention. (big load time on that Spirit link, by the way.) I'm a sucker for horse movies, plus they were playing one of Michelle Branch's tunes during the preview. ha. And then, Ice Age, was amusing and enjoyable.

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