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21 January 2002 ... To Do Checkmarks

So, I'm going through the PagePlus manual. I'm on page 40 of 140. And I've fallen in love with this program. I have owned PagePlus versions 2, 3 and 4. They were good little programs, which had their quirks, but with some man-handling they got the job done.

And here's version 8. Wow. All the little extras I've been asking for, like guides and multiple master pages, are there and easy to use. Loads of pre-defined designs, which I'll never use but they are fun to play with. New quirks? Maybe, but the only one I've noticed so far probably has more to do with my ignorance.

I just think it's incredible that a company can evolve it's software so well and so perfectly and still be so very cheap! I am impressed. And I've still got 100 pages of learning to do.

And all my old B&N classes are bound and tidy-looking. Now I just wish I had some place to put them... they're still in a stack, there in the middle of things.

Yeah, I haven't touched my web site yet. I don't really have any ideas brewing for a new design. And the other maintenance is just looking like too much work. I am lazy.

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