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19 January 2002 ... To Do List

Well, as of the stupidity of the other day, my email is down. nice, huh. Yeah, you just try to email me. I don't exist. Oh well, at least I got my web space back.

I have so much to do. And here I am typing about it instead of actually doing it. Typical, huh?

One of my projects of late is the organization of my old B&N University classes. I used to print out all the lessons. So I've got stacks and stacks of pages, which I'd rather like to keep. So far I've filled up about 280 sheet protectors and then put the classes into report covers. fun, fun, it is rather time consuming, but I like tidy and stacks of loose pages lying about is definitely not tidy.

Add to the "To Do" list: buy more sheet protectors.

The software I ordered arrived this week, PagePlus 8, a desktop publishing program. I decided to uninstall the old version before installing the new. I ran through the uninstall wizard, got to the shared files part and removed them as well. All of them.

Ah, the stupidity is rampant. When I rebooted, Windows didn't work anymore. laugh. Apparently I removed something important. When the thing says that such and such shared file isn't used by any other programs, don't believe it okay. Always keep your stupid shared files!

Not to worry, I keep my win98 CD within arms reach at all times. A quick Windows reinstall and Fiasco II is feeling so much better. :)

And now I've installed the new PagePlus, and I'm feeling overwhelmed with all the new features.

Add to the "To Do" list: Read the PagePlus manual.

On top of all this fun stuff, I really, really should do some web site maintenance around here. I've got some dead links to clean up, like to update the stupid library, get a real design on this page before I die of boredom.

Yeah, I hardly know where to begin. Maybe I'll just start with some lunch...

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