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15 July 2001 ... The Cat
I got up early this morning to do my laundry. It was a bit after 6:30 when I put my clothes in the washing machine. Walking back from the laundry room, I had a million things on my mind and was not paying attention to my surroundings. All of a sudden, there's a cat at my feet.

I stop. Look down. The cat just stands there. I kneel down, fully expecting the cat to run away like all the other feral cats do. Nope, cat is still just standing there. I reach out a hand, tentatively scratch it's chest and shoulder. The cat rubs against my hand and I pet it with more confidence on it's head. The cat purrs.

Cheri sighs. The cat looks heathy enough, but it is pretty thin. Hollow behind it's ribs, back bone sticking up, it's easy to feel all it's ribs under the thick fur. I feel bad. And pick it up and carry it home.

I shut the cat in my bathroom while I visit the kitchen. A bowl of water. ... hm. I'm a vegetarian, I've got absolutely nothing to feed this poor hungry cat. I go back with the water. Cat is meowing softly in the bathroom. I let it out and put it in my bedroom instead. Cat is not interested in the water, but loves up on me some more. I've never met a sweeter cat.

I call the Humane Society. They open for drop-offs at 8. I have an hour. I spend some time with the cat and finish up my laundry. Checking the cat over. I can't figure out if it's male or female... I was never very good at that. Eyes are clean, ears are clean, teeth look good: it's a fairly young adult. And so very lovable. It is declawed in the front. But so thin. Probably someone's pet, just happened to get out. Or just plain abandoned. grr.

I think about keeping it. Sitting on the floor, cross-legged, the cat purring in my lap. I lay back and the cat walks up and lays down on my tummy. Gods. You can't get any more endearing than that. I think about going to the store and buying cat food and a litter box.

But the laundry is done. And it's time to go. Pick the cat up. Carry it out to the car. The cat is scared of cars. Tries to jump out the closed window. But soon settles down, hunching down in the foot area of the passenger side, hiding it's head behind the center panel. Every once in a while looking out and meowing.

The parking lot was empty at the Humane Society. There's a boarding facility across the street, and all I could hear was barking. I worried about carrying the cat in, wondering if it would freak with all the noise. But the cat was okay. In the office, they took the cat. Said it was a female around 2 years old, she didn't have a microchip. Put her in a small crate and carried her to the back.

Humane Society Receipt
My 15$ donation to the Humane Society for them to take in the cat. I was glad to pay it.
They answered all my questions. They'll keep her for three days, in case the owner shows up. And then she'll be put up for adoption. They will keep her for months, if need be, but they have a good percentage of adoptions. And her chances are extremely good since she is so lovable and she's declawed. I told them I'd like to keep track of her, but they said once an animal is surrendered, they keep the records private.

Probably just as well.

Cheri gets on her soapbox. Cat Caretakers: If you declaw your cat, you should NEVER let it get outside. Never. All city cats should be house cats, only going outside on a leash. There are just too many dangers: cars, other animals, Feline AIDs and Leukemia, they might be picked up by the pound and given to a research facility for experimentation. You think your cat will be happier if it can go outside? You're wrong.

Okay. I'm done now.

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