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21 July 1999 : Incident Report

At approximately 2:45am this morning I was woken up by some very loud persistant knocking. I was getting ever more angry about the noise and finally got up. I looked out the window then opened my door and stepped out on the porch. There was no one on my floor but there was a white car in the middle of the parking lot. It was quiet then and I waited a couple of moments to see what would happen.

I heard something break like glass maybe and heard people shouting downstairs. I went downstairs. I saw a man and woman, the man had his arms around the woman, she was facing out and struggling but couldn't move. I charged down the rest of the steps shouting "Hey, Stop!" The man let go of the woman. I said "Do you want me to call the cops?"

The woman went out to the parking lot screaming at him. He took a step towards me and I backed up a few steps. The woman was at her car and opened the driver's door like she was going to leave but she was still screaming at the man. I went back upstairs to watch to make sure nothing happened until she left. The man and I both yelled at her to "Just leave."

She walked over to one of the cars in the parking lot. She slammed (what I thought was) her hand down on the left front corner of the hood and screamed "This is mine!"

I ran back into my apartment and called 911. I told them the address and there was a fight in the parking lot and the woman was destroying of of the cars out there. I heard shattering glass and I could just see her out my door, she was breaking out headlights. I could not tell the operator what kind of cars they were, just that both her and his car were white. While I was on the phone, the woman got into her car and drove off. I couldn't tell which way she went from where I was but she was traveling north in the parking lot.

The 911 people let me go and I walked downstairs again. the guy was at the bottom of the stairs with another woman. The door to apartment 106 was open. I found out that the first woman had a hammer and had smashed headlights and windshields of two cars, both belonging to the man, supposedly. I also found out the man was with this second woman and the first angry woman was his girlfriend, maybe?

I talked to them for probably less than a couple of minutes before the first police car drove up and around the parking lot. The man went to wave down the cop and another police car came. They got out and patted them man down while he yelled "I am the victim." A third police car drove up but it left quickly, after someone asked the man if he "knew where she would be going."

The two cops talked to the man for a while then the second cop left in a hurry. The first cop stayed a bit longer. He talked to me and I told him the address and my name and phone and apt number. He asked if I saw what happened. I said yes, that the man and woman were shouting and that she had been out in the parking lot and he had stayed near the building. The cop asked if I had seen her damaging the cars. I said actually I was on the phone at that time. He said thank you and I came back to my apartment. It was then 3:11am.
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