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8 December 2000 ... Animals I have known
My Companion Animals
Ta, Ty, Spotella
These girls were my first mice. They were white with black markings.
A fat black female mouse with a white stripe going from her forehead all the way to her tummy.
Another mouse, white with black markings. The coloration is called piebald in horses, hence her name.
My psychotic albino rat. I got her 1991 or so, and she started college with me.
My guinea pig who died recently. He was an agouti mix, black with white ticking, cream underside, white markings on his back and face, a single rosette on his forehead.
I just realized that all my little ones have been some combination of black and white. Isn't that strange?

My Parent's Cats
I think this was a female long haired torty. I was a baby and I remember the cat really didn't like me much. heh
A kitten we got in 1982/3, I was 9 or 10. It died as a kitten.
A grey and white long hair we got when I was ten. I grew up with this cat. She died a couple years ago.
A white male with lovely blue eyes. This is my parents current lion of the house.

Other People's Pets

I pet sitted for a couple of people when I was a kid. The dog next door was Dancer, a collie mix. There was a black dog who dragged me around the lake on our walks. And the dog that belonged to Cathy S... I think it was a blond cocker. My grandparents had a little black cocker spanial named Puppy Love.

Riding Horses
Grade School
There was an Appaloosa named Roney. He was a barrel horse in his former life and surprised me once when I took him around the poles... he suddenly had some spark in his step, he shed his lesson horse persona in a cloud of dust behind him.
High School
'76, a chestnut Quarter Horse, and yes, '76 was his name, maybe he was born in 1976, I don't know. Remarkable in my mind only because he was one of about a dozen chestnut Quarter Horses in the pasture, and I was always bringing in the wrong horse. Then there was Star, a huge chestnut horse I loved to ride. I remember falling off Star once, looking up at him as I was falling, seeing the look of extreme surprise on his face as he tried not to step on me. ha. He was a cool horse.

At Work
Quail Run Ranch
Marty was "my" horse. A big chestnut Saddlebred, born to be a champion, but got caught in barbed wire. He had scars on his hind ankles and a trot almost too rough to sit and it was difficult for him to canter. No one else rode him. I fell off once and got a concussion. That was the last time I fell off a horse.
Paint Horse Stables
Gidget was "my" horse here. A big dark colored mare. She was an older horse, and truth be told she was a hard headed bitch that no one else liked to ride, but I wrangled off her all the time.
Athens Vet
Really, too many to list here, tho the list is getting shorter as my memory of the place fades. Maybe a journal topic for another time.

It's not a very complete list. But hey, at least it's a journal entry. The entries have been few and far between around here lately, I know.

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