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28 October 2000 ... Random Photo Entry
Yep. That's right. Completely random photos from my life. Enjoy. :)
My Honda CRX
This is my little car, affectionately known as "LGC". It's a 1991 Honda CRX and I love it. It's fun to look at and it's fun to drive.

The Gus Bus This is Gus, my roommate's van. Gus and LGC get along quite well.

I stole this little thingee from where I work at the factory. This is the thing that I put together for over two weeks. I have no idea what it is, but there is a silver thing in the center and the nut part spins around freely. Whatever, huh? A little thingee from the factory

Toothpaste Yes, I squeeze my toothpaste from the middle.

And I drink my coke from a "Kennedy Space Center" koozie. Coke in a koozie

My stereo My Stereo. On top are a few of my stuffed animals. On the right, the purple "Kiss" bear, a present from my roommate Clark. The dog in the middle barks obnoxiously when you press his chest. Clark-bear is on the left. My grandma named him after my roommate.

My top shelf movies, which I watch often. From right to left, Legend, DragonHeart, What Dreams May Come, Ever After, The Fifth Element, Beyond the Mind's Eye, LadyHawke, Bladerunner, the Matrix, and The NeverEnding Story. You can find some of these in my Movie Library Top shelf movies

Me, taking pictures of myself.

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