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29 August 2000 ... Job
So. I have this job. I work in a factory. I put together little thingees. Today I put together 1025 thingees. You screw these two brass things together, then you snap them into place. Then you get this little ring made of steel wool and you put it in the hole and you pound it in with a punch. But usually that punch thing doesn't work, so you have to poke the steel wool ring in with your fingernail. Which does not make the tip of your finger feel very happy. But that's okay because the rest of your fingers feel just as bad from all the twisting and sharp metal and all. Not to mention your back from sitting in a bad chair all day. Note to self: bring pain pills to work.

On the very positive side, no one bothers me all day. Which makes for very good time for talking to your self. Or in my case singing to myself. Today, it was mostly that Final Countdown song.

It's not a bad job. I just don't understand why they don't have robots doing this stuff instead. But, whatever, as long as they pay me.

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