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23 May 2000 ... Pruning
I tried to prune my hand today. Yep, I've got this plant, one of it's branches kept poking me in the eye so I decided the branch had to go. I cut off the branch and the scissors go right through my flesh just as easily. My palm fills up with blood, but I have to make sure the plant is okay first. It is. And even tho making bandaids stick to your palm is difficult... it's not slowing down my typing any. You gotta keep the important things in mind you know.

I keep trying to buy a new computer. The current computer is no longer happy. I tried to upgrade it last week. I bought a new floppy drive and some memory. Well, the memory never did work and then the floppy drive started smoking. eek. So. I've got the new computer all picked out... I've shopped around and decided, yes, this is the one I want... I visit the computer site every day, looking at what my new computer is going to be like... But I never actually hit the "buy now" button. I'm not sure why. It is a lot of money, especially to a jobless bum like myself. But who cares about money. Maybe it's the responsibility of having a "new baby" that I am shying away from. And what if the old computer gets jealous? And what if the new computer gets the same weird personality disorder that the old one has?

I'm probably just being indecisive.

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