You hear music in the background. And you know it's all in your head. It's usually inobtrusive music, almost quiet static. But there are times when you are able to focus and you can hear the music very clearly. It's not a simple tune, played with one synthesized sound, although occasionally that is how you hear it. When you are focused, the music is played by an orchestra.

A full orchestra in your head. Sometimes you are just amazed at the fullness of the sonance and you wonder at the power in your brain that allows you to hear such an incredible array of sounds. You hear the separate instruments, the strings and winds, not too much percussion in this song, synthesizers, pianos, harps, flutes, sax, too many to name. And you are not a music buff, though you probably should be, you can't even name all he instruments you hear in your head.

You have never seen the orchestra. You suppose that would be pushing the hallucination too far. It would crack and shatter like a glass bubble, never to be heard again.

You have never doubted this music. Nor have you ever talked about it. It has never even crossed your mind to discuss the music with another person. You simply accept the music. You listen to it when the focus is there, you appreciate and wonder. You acknowledge when a simple tune drifts by your consciousness when you are busy in the real world. You let it stay as quiet static as the days roll by. You simply accept.

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