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3 January 2000 ... Work? Blech
Me and my stomach were feeling a bit better today. So I ate some food. Then I drank a coke. Then I ate some potato chips. Then some cookies. Then some candy. Then another coke and some more candy. Now I am feeling quite ill again. hehe. :)

You know, after a pretty extended vacation you would think that I would be more than ready to go back to work. But after working all the weekend, I just did not want to go to work this morning. I wanted to stay in bed all day instead. Of course, I did get up and go to work, and I even got there on time. But man. And everyone knew I was grumpy too. Which makes me sad because I know that a job just sucks when you have to work with non-cheerful people.

And I also know that it is my responsibility to make work fun and enjoyable for myself. But this morning I just couldn't do it. And it's totally ridiculous because I only had to work for half the day. The least I could do was be happy before I escaped. sighs. Maybe I can make tomorrow better. I hate being burnt out like this. It's not really fair to anyone. Including myself.

Apparently everyone else in the world caught my flu thing, too. I heard there were 40% more cases in the ERs due to people throwing up all over the place and coughing themselves silly. heh. I probably got off easy by having my cold first a couple weeks ago and then the stomach flu now; separate instead of both of them together. Even tho it seems like I've been sick forever and a day.

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