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Tue, 02 Feb 2016 20:18:33 PDT

postcard stamps

I'm almost out of international rate Global stamps. And the post office isn't selling Global stamps right now, and hasn't for several weeks and probably won't for several more weeks. I can only conclude that they are evil.

Fri, 12 Feb 2016 08:06:02 PDT

stamps from

I'm ready for the weekend: My usps Stamps arrived on thursday, printer inks arrived today, and I got a lovely care package of pens from a dear friend!

Thu, 18 Feb 2016 19:17:54 PDT

International postcards

Still no Global stamps being sold at the post office, so I'm making due with 2 domestic stamps, 49¢ each, plus one Extra Ounce Penguin stamp, 22¢ = $1.20 International rate.

Sticking 3 stamps instead of one slows me down a bit when I'm writing bunches of postcards... but the colours are delightful! I love the new Botanical Art stamps!

Walk in the Rain
sat 20 feb 2016

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It has been raining a normal amount this winter... which is to say, a lot! On the weekends, I go out walking. I try to wait for a break in the rain, but it's usually sprinkling or downright pouring by the time I get to the Community Garden, a mile away.

This has been my luck with the rain this year.

rain in the creek

Don't get me wrong: I love walking in the rain! I have an excellent rain jacket which protects my camera. But I'm out there to take photos, and the rain makes that difficult and the clouds make the photos dull and sometimes blurry because of the lack of adequate light. sighs.

I tried to change it up yesterday: I left the house just as it was starting a rain shower. My hope was that it would rain itself out by the time I got to the garden!

Ha, what a joke. The sky was actually getting darker as I approached the community garden. The rain started pounding right as I got there, and I was actually worried that I was going to get hailed on!! I turned around, thinking I could wait it out under the bridge. But it was back to sprinkling when I got to the bridge, so I decided to head home.

I was a couple blocks away from the garden when the sun came out. I looked at the hole in the clouds. It was tiny. But you know what? Yep, I walked back to the garden! I had noticed some daffodils blooming and I HAD to get their photo! :)

Daffodils at the community garden

By the time I had worked my way around to my own garden plot, it was sprinkling again. But I was happy to see that our hyacinth is on it's way. It's a purple one, but it won't bloom for a while. We also have a couple of pathetic looking crocuses which fight their way up every year... they'll be blooming maybe today or tomorrow!

And I got to visit with my new hummingbird friend. He looked a little pathetic in the rain, as well! ha. I have been spending time with the lovely fellow every weekend since the end of January. His territory includes the garden plots behind and to the right of ours. I'm not sure if he has a girlfriend... apparently the Anna's Hummingbirds are already nesting. But the males don't help with that, so there's probably no way of knowing if my friend has a family.

I walk home in the rain, and the rest of the afternoon the clouds clear out and the sun shines. ARG! (ha.)

Last LetterMo Weekend
sat 27 feb 2016

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My goals for this year's LetterMo:

  My letter writing goal for this year is to write more letters: Specifically 10 notecards or stationery letters a month. In january I only sent 9, so I was hoping to send 11 during february.

  I wanted to send a postcard to all of my MoL friends. I currently have 41 friends there, but 3 or 4 have removed their address from their profile.

  When I got a roll of Additional Ounce Penguin stamps (to make up for the lack of Global, International rate stamps), I bragged that I wanted to send 100 International mailings. haha. I had never counted how much international mail I send so I had no clue if this was even possible... well, other than the fact that I usually only send ~130 postcards a month and probably less than 1/3 are out of the country!

  I sent 163 mailings last february for LetterMo. I wanted to send more than that this year. I was hoping for 175.

sending out the first Moon Global stamps today

I was seriously side-tracked with a computer glitch which kept me preoccupied for the 2nd week of feb. But, I've rallied and tried to make a decent come back! And I've still got this weekend to make mail to send out on Leap Day! Here's where I stand right now:

  7 Letters sent

  Postcards sent to about my MoL friends

  48 International postcards and letters sent

  156 total bits sent off in the mail

hmm. I probably won't get 4 more letters written this weekend. And I definitely won't get 50 some postcards out internationally!

But that's okay: I don't expect any mailing miracles to happen this weekend, but I'll keep working on it...

And I will continue with my goals into next month.

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