Happy Surprise
sun 4 sept 2016

Walked out to the Community Garden this morning... but not too early because the weather has changed and we are back to reasonable temperatures. Our garden plot needs some work. I have thought about this for a couple of weeks. And today I pulled up some dead plants and a couple old cages and markers.


I was happy to get a few photos of sunflowers. Didn't see any hummingbirds, but I got blurry photos of some Goldfinches, eating sunflower seeds. eh.

On my trek home, I crossed the street and was walking the most boring part of the bike path. A long stretch where trees hang over the creek and hide the water... and the mowed meadow on the other side provides no visual treat. My mind was occupied with the letters I wanted to write once I got home.

There were birds yelling at each other. For several minutes it didn't even register with me, I was so preoccupied with the details of my letter writing! But they were so loud! and as I was walking up to the very vocal avian disagreement... I realized I had no idea who was yelling!

I literally stopped in my tracks because I suddenly knew it was Belted Kingfishers! Two of them!! Were they fighting over territory??! I searched and saw a bare glimpse of someone flying behind the trees that blocked me from the creek. ARG!

The fight for territory was over and I saw the loser flying away, away from me and the creek.

The winner still called out, though. I searched and found him at the top of a dead tree... he stayed there long enough for several photos! Not a great pic, but definitely a proud Kingfisher:

Belted Kingfisher

This is a male, the females have a second, rust-coloured band. This page: All About Birds: Belted Kingfisher has audio of their "Rattle" Calls!

I'm hoping he stays and can attract a female! Would love to get photos of a family of Kingfishers. :)

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