a death in the family
sat 2 july 2016

A very hard week. Ethel the guinea pig was sick, had several emergency doctor appointments, and surgery. She died 12 hours after surgery.

Ethel was the older of our team of two guinea pigs. When we adopted them from the Humane Society in 2013, they guessed that she was 2 years old, and her companion Lucy was 1 year old. But it was a guess, they had been abandoned in their small cage on the door step of a local veterinary clinic.

Last photo of Ethel the guinea pig

Ethel liked to surround herself with hay! Sometimes she slept in the middle of the pile of hay.

Ethel was the calmer one... Lucy isn't exactly high strung, but she leans in that direction, while Ethel took everything in stide. Ethel was also more willing to climb up into my arms to be lifted out of their house. Lucy requires a obvious treat, and even then she thinks long and hard about being lifted and carried around.

Ha. Such different personalities. They were quite the pair. But now, it's just Lucy.

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