bored and dissatisfied
sat 23 jan 2016

Bored and dissatisfied, arg!

Part of it is the time of year. Yes, I continue to go out walking with my camera every weekend... but I know I'm not going to get any brilliant photos right now. It's raining and sometimes I can't get out in the morning when all the urban wildlife is active. And it's cloudy and all the photos are dull anyway.

I have to admit, another part of it is the day job. It's very stressful and it takes it's toll that way, but I do not want my day job leaking into my Real life.

And another part of it is that I am bored with my current mailing projects. I sent 1500 postcards last year, ya know? I've got the postcard thing down to a science. I still enjoy it, but it's not challenging anymore.

I just need something new and different and inspiring... but I don't know what this new thing is, yet!

LetterMo is coming up in february. But that's just more of the same. Mailing extra stuff will keep me occupied for the month, but then I will get behind on sending replies, I'll get discouraged, and then I'll quit. Same old, same old.

I never finished my drawing class from last november. eh.

I seriously thought about taking on and revitalizing an old group at Swap-Bot. The Butterfly Anarchists was founded in 2011 and has about 80 to 90 members, there are loads of posts at the group forum, but there hasn't been much activity in the past couple of years.

Revitalizing old groups is hit or miss... believe me, I have tried multiple times: Blue Haze, SB Vegan Voices, Veganic Gardening, Eugene Community Gardens. But the GoodReads Postcard Exchange is a revitalization, and we are now a strong group with 500 members and 60+ active members participating in the monthly exchanges.

Yeah, I could take on The Butterfly Anarchists... but at this point it sounds more like work and less like inspirational fun. But perhaps that's just my overall "meh" mood talking.

So I guess I'll just hang in there until something interesting strikes me! Maybe I can spend a little extra time typing here in the meantime?

winter robin

An American Robin looking for bugs and berries at the community garden. Traditionally Robins are a sign of spring, but actually they can be found in most of the US states ALL year!

There are some real signs of spring tho: crocuses are pushing up some leaves and catkins are hanging from some trees.

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