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old camera
sat 5 sept 2015

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When I first got the day job that I currently have, the building was one mile from my home. I would walk every day for most of the year... even (or especially!) in the rain. When the walk home got uncomfortably hot for a month or two in the summer, I rode my bike instead. They even made a bike rack for me!

But mostly I was walking. And I always carried my camera with me. There were many early morning photos taken on my walk, and nobody minded that I was occasionally a few minutes late because I had to stop and take pictures!

Then my day job moved to a building on the other side of town. I was sad to give up my daily walking. My car commute is now longer than my old 20 minute walk, and so I no longer have time to spend outdoors, walking or taking pictures.

I bought a new camera and I still hauled around my old camera, and I still occasionally stopped working because I needed to get some pictures! But then this happened:

old camera

The camera still works, and I've taped up the plastic that protects the screen (thus the bubbles!). I had just been tossing my camera into my back pack, and even tho the camera is mostly fine, I suddenly realized I really should use a camera bag or something to protect my poor, abused camera!

But a camera bag will not fit in my backpack with my lunch and my reading material and all the other junk I carry around. So I quit carrying my camera everywhere.

At first, I felt naked without my camera. And then I got used to it. Sure, there were some amazing photos I missed, but I was just too lazy to organize some kind of daily camera bag and too cautious to just throw my old camera back into my back pack again.

But now...

Taking photos is part of my life. Have I forgotten that? There is absolutely no reason to be overly cautious about an old broken camera... I've got two working cameras, and even if the old one breaks in a permanent way, I am able to buy a new one.

I'm going to charge the battery and toss my old camera back in my back pack. Where it belongs. Until a photo opportunity comes along, that is!

birds in flight
sat 19 sept 2015

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One of my photography goals is to take a picture of a flying bird.

Now, to be honest, both me and my camera are too slow to do this, except by accident...

Gold Finches

But I am very okay with accidental photos! There is definitely an element of luck with wildlife photography, and I not only accept that, I welcome it with joy.

This summer, there have been a pair of, or sometimes 3, turkey vultures cruising the sky as I walk to the community garden. I've seen them most weekends for the past several months.

I never thought I'd be able to take a picture of a bird in the sky... It's incredibly hard to find a tiny black speck in all that blue or grey expanse!

But turkey vultures are big. And their flight pattern is slow and fairly predictable. And when they fly close enough... I have been able to get some photos!

And then there's that luck thing...

Buzzard in the sun

Ha! Isn't that a fun pic?! I thought about turning it into a postcard... the sun and the clouds are quite nice, after all. But who am I going to send a buzzard to?? ;)

Banned Books Week was 27 Sept to 3 Oct...
but my annual post about banned books is in the october tag.

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