Unread Book Piles
sat 31 oct 2015

The writing theme for the October postcard at the GoodReads group was about bought but unread books. So I recently revisited my unread piles.

Yes, I have this terrible habit of buying more books than I can read and last february I had counted those books. There were 30 books.

But I missed some random books I have laying around. And then I found another pile containing a mix of read and unread books. (Odd. Why did I do that??!)

And then, my professed saviour from this mess -- my kindle -- is failing me. You see, I thought by getting the free sample, I would only buy books that I would actually read. But I now have 4 books I've paid for, but not read, on my device. Not to mention the dozen or so free books that I mean to read "some day".

book pile

(The "new" pile, some of the books are from 2011-ish.) (I did not add the vegan cookbooks into my count.)

So my new Unread Book Total is hovering around 60 books.

Autumn Squirrel

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