Day 3: Great Horned Owl
fri 21 nov 2014

When we were exploring the front part of Cascades Raptor Center, we met Lorax, a Great Horned Owl.

Great Horned Owl at Cascades Raptor Center

Lorax has a bum right wing. She had fallen out of her nest as a baby, and broken her poor arm all to pieces. Because of her injuries, there was no hope of returning her to the wild, so they socialized her to human contact. She now helps teach at the raptor center.

She doesn't like being in the cage while it's being cleaned. So someone brings her out, and visitors get to walk by and tell her how beautiful she is!

When we were done at the raptor center we went across the street to one of the trail heads for our Ridgeline Trail.

Ridgeline trail is about 14 miles long, wandering through forests and to the top of our highest peak at the southern edge of the city. Yep, it's all within the city limits!

Ridge Line Trail

I came to western Oregon for the rain and the trees... but the moss and ferns certainly intrigue me as well.


We did a quick 1.5 mile jaunt on a mountain bike trail and a pedestrian only trail. The trails are not well marked. But wandering around in a forest is definitely my family's idea of fun! haha! For Real!

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