sat 25 jan 2014

Yep, I continue to be busy with my various postcard projects.
Yep, I am insane. But never mind about that!

A Year to Clear

I have also been working on my daily Clearing
class. It's so wonderfully easy, it would kind of be a crime to skip a day. The daily lesson is just a couple sentences long, or maybe a paragraph on a serious day... I print it up, think about it and then maybe add some journaling.

The most helpful thing about the class... is that I'm thinking about "clearing" every single day.

When I go to lay something down, even when it's in it's "proper pile", I have second thoughts! Do I actually need to keep this? Maybe I should put this in the recycling bin instead? Or Maybe I could put it on top of my keyboard to remind myself to deal with it quickly?

You can't actually tell yet, but my piles are getting shorter. I am dealing with some small stuff every now and then. And I am happy with my progress: the piles weren't built in a single day, I don't expect to dismantle them quickly either.

But today is a cause for celebration.

My goal for 2014 is to work on a 4x6 inch bit of art about 5 days a week. But, I've been so busy with the postcard stuff, I haven't been able to work on this daily art project.

In my clearing for the past couple of weeks, I've been organizing to get started on the art again. One night, I got a little box to store some of my supplies in, and I put my Nov 2013 art book in it. Then I bought and added some new white pens. Another evening, I cut up some watercolour paper and anticipated working with InkTense pencils on it. Then I cut up some blue paper, thinking to add white writing on it.

And then a big job. I decided I wanted a drawer for my reference photos. I have three sets of Iris drawers that I store paper and stationery in, and 2 of the drawers (out of 18 total) are "junk" drawers. If I cleaned one out, I could use it for my art project.

It took a lot of thinking. aka planning, preparing, THINKING. A big issue I have is trying to figure out where things go. Things need a permanent home once I've moved them off their pile or out of their drawer, so that I can easily find them again. I need to be able to find things because I get upset when I'm looking for something and it's not in it's place.

Today, I cleared out the drawer. Recycled some stuff. Put other stuff in the second junk drawer. Put some stuff on the "I'll deal with it later" pile.

The drawer was empty. And then I put a dent in one of my piles: I put all my reference photos and some magazines and my 20 Ways To Draw A Tree books -- into the empty drawer!

Ha! I feel so organized!

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