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Sat, 04 May 2013 08:06:39 PDT
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sat 4 may 2013

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There's a good breeze going today...
The oak tree catkins are floating down
and then the wind sweeps them into drifts like snow.

making acorns

I love the sound of the leaves in the breeze. There's a word for it: psithurism. Well, it's obsolete, and I don't know how to pronouce it. But still. :)

It's a little bit too sunshiny to go outside today, even with the lovely breeze. So I'm looking out the window, at the trees with their new leaves and their falling flowers. And I'm reading my book...

My book is a page-turner: The Color Purple. I pulled it off the banned books list, and discovered that it's an epistolary book (written as letters).

It's sad and intense and much more subtle than the movie. I will finish it quickly.

tues 7 may 2013

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white iris

The irises in the "back yard" are blooming a week early.

Sat, 25 May 2013 08:08:23 PDT
Three Weeks of Mail, Check-in
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I've been busy, on vacation, and busy again! And now I'm ready to catch up with some blog posts, and some mail!

sun 26 may 2013

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I turned 40 this month! Whoa! In celebration, I took a vacation and visited my parents and brother in Colorado. We did a ton of stuff, and yet, in the end it was the most relaxing and delightful holiday I've ever had!

On the Art front: we toured a pewter art sculpture gallery, went to the Loveland historical museum which also had some paintings and mail art, visited an African sculpture park also in Loveland, and did a bronze foundery tour.

On the Walking and Hiking front: a walk on the ELC trail ended with some raptors, a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park to Gem Lake, and a walk about Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary was my absolute favorite.

I have so much to say, and so many pictures, I hardly know where to begin. ha. so please stay tuned, while I get my thoughts organized.

from the airplane

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