sat 4 may 2013

There's a good breeze going today...
The oak tree catkins are floating down
and then the wind sweeps them into drifts like snow.

making acorns

I love the sound of the leaves in the breeze. There's a word for it: psithurism. Well, it's obsolete, and I don't know how to pronouce it. But still. :)

It's a little bit too sunshiny to go outside today, even with the lovely breeze. So I'm looking out the window, at the trees with their new leaves and their falling flowers. And I'm reading my book...

My book is a page-turner: The Color Purple. I pulled it off the banned books list, and discovered that it's an epistolary book (written as letters).

It's sad and intense and much more subtle than the movie. I will finish it quickly.

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