Squirrel Week!
sat 23 nov 2013

I printed up one of my photos of a pine squirrel on Monday and spent the rest of the week drawing him! He is just so cute!

Unfortunately, when doing my drawings in copics, I discovered I don't have the right colours. Orange is my least favorite colour, and also I don't have any pale colours... and I need a pale orange for this project!

I tried twice, and then went for something completely different!!

pencil drawing

copic drawing

copic drawing

copic drawing


I was annoyed that I had so much trouble with his fingers. Hands are hard to draw!

I also got to do some experiments with alcohol ink painting. Here's an example of some real art with a cute baby sea turtle: Painting with Copic Various Ink. And another one by Lin Frye, who contributes regularly to the exclusive Sketching in Nature blog.

alcohol ink blobs

alcohol ink ocean

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