sat 31 aug 2013

Weekly Mail Check-in
This Week: 11 mailings
Total This Month: 121 mailings

Yay Snail Mail!

bee on my sunflower

I'm not sure what my project for september will be. But here are some thoughts...

Vegan MoFo

The goal is to write 20 blog posts about vegan food. I love the idea, and I usually skim a few VeganMoFo blogs ... But I don't enjoy kitchen-time and try to avoid cooking.

That said, I do want to support vegan ideas. So I'll be posting something!

Banned Book Week, Sept 22-28

The last week of september is Banned Books Week... I celebrate by reading a few books that have been censored!

Just glancing through, I might read: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Bridge to Terabithia (I loved the movie!).

What books will you read?

And then there are the Additional snail mail projects!

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