sun 7 april 2013

In between rain showers, I walked out to the community garden.

Well. It wasn't actually "between". I did get rained upon. Ha!

At the garden, I was annoyed to discover a third patch of the evil invasive weed that I've been battling since last year. It was right in the middle of the garden plot and I killed it with zeal. Also worked a bit on patches 1 and 2, which are at the edges of the plot.

The rest of the weeds are still at the manageable stage... Except maybe the grass, which is getting a pretty good establishment, since I've ignored it due to the Evil Weed. But we have much less of the grass this year, due to our forking efforts last autumn.

The state of the Garlic Patch...

Garlic in the community garden plot

The tall, spikey ones are the garlic. By planting it last fall, we gave the garlic a good head start and we'll have huge and wonderful garlic in the late summer!

In between the garlic are happy cover crops. We seeded some clover at the end of last year. And the purplish ones are a cover crop from the previous owners of our plot. I haven't looked up what they are yet, but I always let them grow because they are easy to pull up.

To the right of the garlic is our strawberry patch. It's mostly grass now, and I suppose I should do something about that.

But in the meantime. I'm sure I will be amply rewarded for my weeding efforts with sore muscles tomorrow.

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