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fri 21 sept 2012

The annoyance continues at the day job, and now I'm thinking about making a Good Things list every friday evening!

  Hair Cut! I went from long hair to a buzz cut, and it feels great. I was really bored of the long hair, the only thing I was doing with it was getting it out of my face. And now, the only hair in my face is the short bangs... and the bangs are the longest hairs on my head! ha. it's good.

  I LOVE getting mail from my friends! A couple weeks ago, it was a box of pens!... thank you AJ! This week, it's a box of goodies from my friends at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary.

  I've discovered a new magazine that makes me happy! Bound & Lettered. I just got the most recent issue, and Oh My Goodness, it looks delightful. Paging thru, it's beautiful and different. I can't wait to read the articles.

  Walking home from the day job this afternoon (after my hair cut!), I saw TWO Blue Herons hanging out together in the creek! Of course I whipped out my camera... but they were pretty far away even with my zoom, plus it's a cloudy day so the pics might be blurry.

Yeah: I haven't looked at the photos yet. I am in the "I wish they turned out well" stage, knowing they probably didn't. heh.

My goal for this weekend is to sort through my piles. I've got a big pile of papers in the printer bay, mostly uncut postcards. A big pile of who-knows-what next to the door. A pile of mail I need to respond to, next to my computer area. And a pile of books and magazines, that I've pulled out and need to deal with. Oh, and the pile of "stuff to do after mom's visit". (her visit was at the end of june.)

Yeah. I would not be me without my piles. but sheesh!

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