sun 9 sept 2012

I am very happy with all the stuff coming out of the garden this week. The Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes continue! a couple of zucchinis, the bigger tomatoes are starting to ripen, and 10 lemon cucs and more coming.

The sweet potato leaves have gotten a purplish aspect, and I was inspecting them, wondering when I would dig them up. And under the leaves...

sweet potato flower

oh my gosh, that is so pretty!

It looked so much like a morning glory that I actually checked to see if the flower was connected to my sweet potato plant! haha... but the internet tells me that Sweet Potatoes and Morning Glories are cousins!

Ha! Also discovered you can eat the young leaves of the sweet potato plant like salad. And can cut a vine and plant it and it'll grow.

Amazing! Even if there aren't any sweet potatoes growing underground... I will definitely grow a lot more of these next year! :) And might just grab a cutting to experiment with a new house plant.

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