Mystery Garden Plants
sun 2 sept 2012

On 28 july, our garden plot neighbor on the right gave us two "mystery" squash plants... He had run out of room to plant new stuff and we accepted and planted right away. The plants were both in tall 6-inch pots, and both had one blossom. One of them turned out to be zucchini, and we have plucked two big fruits with more on the way! Yay!

The other squash is still a mystery:

mystery squash

I think it's ready to be picked and eaten. It would be nice to know what the heck it is, but whatever! :)

This squash is probably 12 inches in diameter, but maybe only 7 or 8? inches long. very squished! The yellow and green seem to indicate that it's ripe... I don't think it's gotten much more yellow in the past week or so.

We will pick this thing soon, and see if more show up!

Here's our other mystery plant...

mystery weed

This was a volunteer plant. I was clearing out a little section of weeds, and I saved this one because it reminded me of a pepper plant. It hasn't produced any fruits yet, so I have no idea if it's anything but a pretty wild flower!

All the leaves are "moth-eaten" as you can see. The flowers are all facing downward, like pepper blossoms. And the plant itself is about 18 inches tall.

I think this is just a wait-and-see one! Which is fine and dandy. I'm looking forward to finding out what the plant will make!

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