August is for Art Journal
fri 3 aug 2012

I've decided to work on my art journal this month. And in the spirit of art, I'd also like to share this video with you...

  The Joy of Painting: Bob Ross Remix

I admit, the first time I watched, I cried.

okay. and the second time, too. Nevermind about all the other times I watched... I really must also admit, I think Bob Ross is the coolest.

:) My Grandma thought Bob Ross was wonderful as well. I have a Bob-Ross-Inspired painting that my Grandma made. It's hanging right next to my computer and it reminds me of her every day.

"Happy little trees..."
"We don't make mistakes! Just happy accidents."
There Are No Limits Here

I'm not going to be doing any oil painting -- but the video is definitely going to be my theme song for my art journal. :)

(and very many thanks to Rachel at the Swap-Bot Blog!)

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