Mount Pisgah
tue 10 july 2012

fern in the forest

This was the second time my Mom and I had been to Mount Pisgah.

Our first trip was a few years ago. It included my Dad, and we wandered around the base of the hills down near the river.

This time I wanted to go to the top of Mount Pisgah. Supposedly the view is great.

Yeah. Supposedly.

The maps of the trails are somewhat lacking: Lacking in a little star that says "You are Here". And also lacking in a little arrow that says "Here is the summit of Mount Pisgah".

So we mis-read the map (which, incidently has "north" pointing to the side), and headed for the wrong hill. When we finally found the correct trail, we were too tired to hike up it!

Plus, we wanted to save some of our strength for the next day's trip up to Multnomah Falls.

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