quiet day
wed 4 july 2012

We usually go out with a picnic dinner and watch fireworks on the Fourth of July. But I'm not up to doing social things yet... Doing stuff out in the world with my Mom last week has used up all my social energy. Honestly, I wish I could hide in my closet for the next couple months!


Anyway, I got good stuff done today. Wrote some protest letters for Amnesty International's Urgent Action Network. Watched all the videos to one of the free Strathmore Online Workshops. And did some reading.

Here are some more Delta Ponds photos...

Great Blue Heron


Cinnabar moth

The Cinnabar moth was imported from Europe/Asia in order to control ragwort.

Western Pond Turtle

Turtles battle for turf with non-native species A local news article about the Western Pond Turtle and the invasive red-eared slider in the Delta Ponds.

The cords and cables you see on the logs in the pond are there because the tree didn't just fall into the water! The logs are part of the habitat restoration which began in 2005.

Delta Ponds

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