sun 1 july 2012

... deep... calming... breath...

My Mom has been visiting for the past week. She left this morning and since then I've been playing catchup with all my normal chores and the emails that have piled up and the crazy projects that I am always doing.

I've taken care of all the absolutely necessary things.

But now I'm so scattered and overwhelmed by the rest of my many projects, I can't figure out where to start! ha.

So, I'm going to start here with a list of the awesome things I did with my Mom. And then I'll follow up with the photos in the coming week, as I get the chance to go through them!

  Monday I had to work, and plus it was raining. In the afternoon, we visited Significant Other's pinball arcade, which was actually fun. And we went to see a 3D movie, Men in Black 3.

  Tuesday A half day of work for me, then we went for a long, pleasant walk at the Delta Ponds.

  Wednesday A long, mostly easy hike at Mount Pisgah.

  Thursday A day trip up past Portland, Mom and I hiked up Multnomah Falls. Then we wandered over to Wahkeena Falls, and then the Vista House. An amazing trip!

  Friday A quiet day, but we visited Sweet Cheeks winery for some wine tasting in the afternoon.

  Saturday Saturday Market in the morning where I bought some plants for the garden. More wine tasting in the afternoon at King Estate, which included a tour. And, in between rain showers in the evening, Mom and I went out to our community garden plot to plant the new basils and "cherry bomb" pepper.

My Mom is pretty cool, so it's good to hang out with her. I have many stories and pictures... Just need to find the time!

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