yay, before and after
sun 17 june 2012

Another five hours of work today in the bedroom and the closet, and I think I'm done. Which is to say, more could be done, but I'm done doing it! ;)

I am actually ashamed of these "before" pictures. oh my goodness. so messy! and I don't think of myself as a messy person. But look! I am! ugh.

At my closet, looking out and then panning to my right. The bed is on the left and the bedroom door is on the right...




Sheesh, right?!

But after a few weeks of buying new shelves and moving things around and a major organizing weekend...



Wow. And the computer is now at the end of my bed, right next to where I was standing to take the pictures of the shelves. I've only got my main computer running, I just don't have time to set up the others. And I took care of all the cables today, too... instead of tripping over them every time I walk in the room, they are all tidy and pounded into the walls over the doors!

Yay Tidy!

My next project is to tackle the "porch room" where I keep all my house plants. Unfortunately, I killed my ficus tree and there are dead leaves every where...

I think this clean up will go much more quickly... because I'm pretty sure there aren't any old journals in that room that I'll need to pick up and page through.

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