sun 10 june 2012

Something that makes me smile with joy:

  Eugene's First "Little Free Library"!!!
Plus, it got Yarn Bombed!!! ha!

I can't wait to go see it... and take a book or two to donate or trade! (and take pictures as well!)

And something that makes me a little wistful:

2005 paper journal

Journal by ♥ Rossetti Designs

Spring cleaning in my bedroom, and I've run across many of my old journals. This is one from 2005, and you can't tell from the scan, but there is paint on the binding wires. paint. and there is so much color, so many drawings, so many experiments, you just can't help thumbing through the pages.

It's lovely. The art I made inside goes so well with the colourful art on the cover. And I'm wistful about it because my journals don't look like that any more.

I might need to re-arrange more than just my room this summer... like my rather flippant attitude towards my current paper journal... and my on-going distress about "not enough time"...

And I'm sending a message to the universe: I need more ART in my life!

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