sun 29 apr 2012

I made the mistake of looking at the "Lifestyles" section in todays newspaper, which included several book articles.

I try to avoid book reviews at all costs because I have about 50 books lying around that I haven't had the chance to read yet. And I am easily enticed to buy new books. To say the least! ;)

  A Lifetime of Writing For 56 years now, author Kate Wilhelm of Eugene has been publishing stories for generations of fans

omg. Kate Wilhelm lives just a couple miles away from me!!!??! Wow.

Kate Wilhelm is a giant in the science fiction community. Her short stories make it into the "Best Science Fiction" anthologies, and I have read many of them, and enjoy them. I have not read any of her sf novels tho... and I need to remedy that!

She also writes a mystery series Barbara Holloway, set in Eugene. I have zero interest in detective fiction, but I might have to read some of these books as well!

Flip the newspaper page, to see the other enticing book article...

Garboloby by Edward Humes

  Dirty Business: Author Edward Humes enjoys digging through rubbish

Garbology was also talked about on NPR last week, and I already had the title written down to research.

Yep, here's all my money, just take it and give me stuff to read please. *rolls eyes*

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