tues 3 apr 2012

an interesting day.

Not quite in the Chinese curse way, but still... interesting.

Never mind about the majority of my time, wasted at the day job. It was "interesting" in a more boring, annoying way which I chose not to type about!

In my mailbox, amongst the real postcards and junk mail, are THREE "Return to Sender" postcards. Sheesh. Would you people stop moving and/or closing your PO Box?!

*laughs* I'm actually amazed that my postcards didn't just end up as dead mail. An added bonus: I get to see how my postcards survive the post. The oldest one, I dated "2 Feb 2012", had a few chunks torn out of it, plus the normal tears on the addressed/right side, where the machines grabbed it. But they are all good enough that I might just re-send them, if I can get a new address out of these people!


And then! Significant Other says he signed for some mail as well! That's interesting: it's from Mexico, and it's to Rift Vegan. Is it something from SendSomething? Or Swap-Bot? But why would those be delivery confirmation?

As I'm opening it, I realize it's probably a response from one of my Amnesty International protest letters! I can't wait to see what they have to say!

It is! It's a simple typed letter, underneath all those layers of mailers. But...

I can't read it! It's in Spanish!

dang it.

fortunately, I know someone. ;) So maybe I will report on this issue maņana.

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