well... maybe?
sun 1 apr 2012

I decided that I don't really want to do a daily blog posting month. But here I am, typing anyway.

(There's a possibility that I'll change my mind.)

a normal sunday evening activity for me: assess how the weekend went...

The one thing I needed to do: my taxes. I did that this morning, everything documented and paid up!

Another thing I need to work on: my mom is visiting this summer and I should get this disaster area picked up and tidied a little. It's completely overwhelming, but this afternoon I went through one of my piles.

I found a bunch of postcards... a few sent to me that I didn't remember at all! I might have to work on some belated replies. and some of the postcards were ones I had printed up with addresses and never sent.

*shakes head*

My lack of organization. It's amazing anything gets done!

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