fri 24 feb 2012

Yay, I'm alive again!

Nevermind that I've been away for so long... Here are the projects that I'm curently working on.

Feb 2012 Letter Month

  Letter Mo! From the outside, it's going great; I have sent out mail every single day and have plans to continue the daily mailings into March and beyond.

Problem is, I am still procrastinating my letter writing. And let me tell you, sending out 60+ bits of mail and still procrastinating certain letter writing projects takes real talent!

Ha. I am hopelessly behind on family letters and with my pen pals. And I haven't caught up with my monthly postcards.

This weekend is Do Or Die! I can't possibly get it all done in one weekend, but I'm going to make a dent.

The nice thing about LetterMo is that I have hit a rhythm by writing a couple postcards or notecards every evening. I make this big stack of postcards on the weekends, and then I slowly go thru them during the week. Very satisfying.

Letter Love 101

  Letter Love 101, by Joanne Sharpe Oh my gosh. I ran into this online class last weekend and just fell in love with the teacher and her style. I want all her colourful calligraphy and lettering styles to be mine!

Plus, the teacher is very gung-ho about Copic markers! Oh my gosh. :)

so, yeah. I think this class is going to be great for me!

  Photography I have not taken one real picture with my camera this year. Zero. And that is just not right! I need to get out there and take some pictures!

Hopefully. Soon.

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